24 May 2024

For the launch of its first eyewear line, A.P.C. invited a few friends and family members to pose for English photographer Sam Rock. This collection of portraits perfectly showcases the versatility of the four sunglasses models, which, true to A.P.C.'s style, blend quality and originality with a touch of rock.

The eyewear line is available in stores and online.


Jean Touitou

Having tried his hand across politics, music, and then fashion, Jean founded A.P.C. in 1987.

“Black shades for curtir* as they say in Brazilian Portuguese”

(*Brazilian verb which means to enjoy, love, flirt, party, kiss, live)



Judith Touitou

Artistic Director of A.P.C., Judith is the driving force behind the A.P.C. vision, as seen across the collections and brand’s campaigns. 

“Black shades for showing off”



Guillaume Doubet

Guillaume, who is a filmmaker, defines himself above all as a "vibe provider".

Black glasses to hide my secrets”



Charlotte Chesnais

Founder of the eponymous fine jewelry label and dear friend of A.P.C., Charlotte occasionally finds herself at the A.P.C. studio, lending her understanding of shapes and volume to the brand. 

“Black shades so I can see you without you seeing me”



Camille Bidault-Waddington

Stylist and photographer for some of the most cutting-edge magazines in the industry, Camille has worked with A.P.C. for many years, both in front of and behind the lens. 

“Black shades to come out of the closet”



Marianne Fersing

Part of Judith and Jean's inner circle, Marianne is a cool incarnation of true Parisian chic.

“I wear my dark shades at night”




The legendary Japanese designer was Jean's partner for the brand that bears his name. Although they no longer work together, they have always remained very close.

“Black shades to transform into a chameleon”



Paul Hameline

An art curator and poetry lover, Paul has lent his inimitable elegance to A.P.C. across numerous campaigns over the last 10 years. 

“Black shades for nights more beautiful than days”



Laure Adler

A woman of letters and voice dear to all Radio France listeners, Laure shares numerous elective affinities with A.P.C.

“Black shades to see the sky”



Gabrio Bini

A former architect, Gabrio now produces an extraordinary natural wine on Pantelleria, an Italian island dear to the hearts of Jean and Judith.

“Black shades for looking in the mirror”



Geneviève Bini

Artistic director in advertising for important Italian labels, Geneviève is the most French of Jean and Judith's Italian friends.

“Black shades to see everything in black”



Lydia Reid

A former dancer with Australian origins, Lydia is one of the emblematic models of A.P.C. campaigns.

“I wear my dark sunglasses when I feel put together”



Palmyre Tramini

A Master's student in the History of Art and Archaeology, Palmyre regularly poses for A.P.C. campaigns. 

“Black shades for a good evening”



Sasha Louit

Literally born into the A.P.C. family, Sasha has already demonstrated a very strong personal sense of style, with leopard print playing a central role.

“Black shades for going to the park”


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