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To further reduce its impact on the environment, A.P.C. has developed some new packaging.

1. Standard packaging

The standard packaging for our orders is plain and recyclable. Inside the box or padded envelope: your products are packaged in recyclable tissue paper for clothing and a protective cover for coats, suits and accessories.

2. Gift packaging

Choosing gift packaging rather than standard packaging adds an exclusive pouch / tote bag in recycled and recyclable fabric. Items for gifting are carefully packed in this accessory, which can then be reused. (return to proposal above)

The new A.P.C. packaging is made out of rPET, or recycled and recyclable polyester produced from recycled plastic bottles. It costs €3, including tax. Part of the amount raised will be donated to the GoodPlanet Foundation. Founded in 2005 by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, the foundation aims to make ecology and humanism a central issue in order to encourage people to take concrete action for the Earth and its inhabitants.

A.P.C. designs its packaging elements as sustainable objects. The care taken in the packaging’s design and manufacture is an old-established commitment of A.P.C. that encourages customers to reuse their A.P.C. totes and pouches on a daily basis in order to limit their packaging’s consumption and therefore their environmental footprint. The packaging is partly handmade (the production is not 100% automated). Thus, manual sewing and application of the logo also explain the packaging’s price.

A.P.C. urges its customers to come back in store with their A.P.C. packaging or any other reusable bag to limit their consumption.

Single-use paper bags will be phased out in stores. The cotton totes, originally developed to utilize leftover fabric, will now be part of the collections. Clients can purchase a recycled and recyclable tote bag at the same price as on the website to take home their purchases or they can bring their own bag. However, only one tote bag can be purchased per transaction.

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